Antonelli M. & C. is one of the most important companies in the high quality furnishing sector present internationally as well as in Italy. Founded by Mauro and Moravio Antonelli in 1965, it has made the continuous quest for quality its mission. Antonelli M. & C. has distinguished itself over the years for its ability to link its production to the needs of current events, capturing the tastes of the market and new trends.

Luca, Marco and Maurizio, are the one who develop new collections in a confrontation with designers, giving a new creative impulse to the company reality by promoting the total look of a luxury style. Continuous stylistic research aims to interpret new trends and contemporary living in a significant way. Complete and coherent solutions to interpret more personalized life styles.



Silvano Del Guerra was born in Cascina highly active in furniture manufacturing. His professional training began from the studies made at the local of the Wood Art School where his undoubted artistic ability, will make soon dynamics and professional, working immediately for prestigious Italian companies, presenting itself with furniture reinterpreted in style with much taste original and modern.

It enhances the joinery finishing quality of its products, with a clear design, sleek and graceful, often understood as a hypothetical bridge between past and future. After forty years of brilliant career, still leads the way in design, always with new ideas, never dull, and in line with the stylistic evolution. Always facing hard their work, with particular attention to trends in the evolution of time.